My Coaching Philosophy

in that order. I avoid The Three Ls: Lines, Laps, Lectures.

Practice Philosophy

I don't expect them to be any good, but I expect them to run and at least try.

Please come early! At least five minutes. I've noticed that kids who arrive early play better. By arriving late, you are sending a message to your kid that practice is not important. They will practice and play poorly (They feel left out. They know they've missed something that everyone else heard).

We also do warmups first thing, so by arriving late you are making them more likely to be injured, and who wants that? No one, of course. So please arrive at least five minutes before the start of practice.

Practices are organized as follows:
We start with warm-ups and conditioning. For older kids this is usually sprints. Younger kids we just play soccer games. (15 Minutes.)
Water break while I explain the lesson of the day. 5 minutes.
'lesson of the day' usually based on mistakes seen during the game, divided as follows:

Any remaining time is devoted to scrimmage. If they behave and get through my drills quickly, they have more time to scrimmage. Misbehave and we do not scrimmage.


I have three rules: Respect me (the coach), respect each other (your teammates), respect yourself.

The first offense is a warning, usually just their name spoken in a growl. Second offense is a token punishment, usually 'run and touch the flagpole'. Third offense is sitting out from the drill. Fourth offense is sitting out from practice. Parents are notified. Fifth offense is loss of game time. Parents are notified. Sixth offense is - well, hopefully we won't get that far.

Offenses are cumulative over the season.

Game Philosophy

Over the course of the season, everyone should play every position at least once, including goalie.  I try to have everyone score.  The ones that run the hardest and follow directions get to play the most.  Everyone will play at least half the game, but playing time is the only consistent positive motivator I have, and I use it to its fullest.

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before kickoff. That means at the field, fully dressed and prepared to play. It takes 5 minutes to warm up, 5 minutes to assign positions and get organized, and 5 minutes for the referee check-in. Since the last two have to happen, if you arrive late your kid will be mentally and physically unprepared, and that's how injuries, and early goals against us happen.

About me

I’ve been playing continuously since I was four, including college and the Milwaukee and Kenosha adult leagues.  I've been coaching every spring and fall since 2004, all ages, sometimes multiple teams at once.  I have my E and D state licenses from Illinois and Wisconsin. 

I have Aspergers Syndrome so I take things literally and don't pick up on emotions or hints.  Just be direct if you want something and we will get along fine, and please try to be understanding if I come across as too blunt.  Its not you, its me.  On the plus side, Aspergians get along great with kids!


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