Bastion and Games for iPhone

Video games for the IOS.  The IOS is Iphone’s operating system, in case you didn’t know.  I”ve been downloading a lot of games for it, trying them out.
First off, there is an INSANE amount of games.  I venture to say there are more games for phones than there are games made for All console systems combined.  I don’t know about PC games.  I’d guess PC games and phone games exist in similar quantities.  The reason for so many games is money.  Puzzles and Dragons makes 3 million dollars A DAY.  Yes, you read that right.  A DAY.

So everyone is jumping on the app train.  I myself have downloaded Xamarin and will be making an app soon.  A chess app.  I downloaded every single chess app on the apple app store, and none of them do suicide chess.  So I’ll make it myself.  (BTW the best chess app i’ve found so far is smallfish).  Unfortunately you have to pay $100 to put an app on the app store so who knows if I’ll ever get it published.

Anyways.  Games.

If you like art mixed in with your games and a rocking soundtrack, get Bastion.  I cannot believe I used to waste time playing crappy facebook games when things like Bastion exist and I can play lying down in bed.  Here’s how the game starts:
I was hooked in the first 20 seconds and am downloading the soundtrack as I speak.

I’m also playing Mystic Knight, an old school RPG that so far is good, and Rune Raiders, made by the same guys that do Clash of Clans.  Its a turn based strategy game.  I like it but I’ve just hit level 15 and its impossible to beat the boss.  Every round he nukes every single member of your party no matter where on the screen they are.  I can’t figure it out.  So I think the balance is out of wack.

I also think I will delete Puzzles and Dragons.  I just got my 60 day consecutive log in bonus and used all my magic stones on the new ‘Evangelion Egg Machine’ and got nothing but crappy Rei and Kauru.  The game has also gotten too hard.  The gap between the expert dungeons and the master dungeons, which is supposed to be one step removed in difficultly, is light-years apart.  I get annihilated the first round.  I survive two rounds, max.  It doesn’t matter which dungeon.  It’s just too hard.  I have all my starting characters leveled to max.  It seems the only way to progress is get some super-overpowered God characters, which costs real money or a lot of luck.  So bye bye Puzzles and Dragons.

There is also GBA4iOS, an emulator which allows you to play any game boy advanced game on your iPhone.  There is also one for Nintendo DS, but my iPhone 4s lags too much to be usable.  Maybe ipHone 5 has a better processor.

Ruzzle is also very fun.  You find words hidden in a grid, and compete 1 v 1 against facebook friends or anyone with the app.  My ID is Dax006.  Someone play against me!

One Dot Enemies – bugs appear on a blank screen and you click on them to kill them.  Thats it.  no levels.  It goes on indefinately.  The only challenge is the bugs are 1 pixel big (Very very small) so you do a lot of peering into the screen.  Boring after about 10 seconds.

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