Nook vs Kindle.

I got a Kindle! They are really nice! I also have a nook from the library.

My two cents: The nook feels more like a book. It is squarer and has more heft. The kindle is so light I’m afraid of breaking it, and so flat that I cannot one-hand it without getting cramps from pinching it. The nook is slightly more user friendly menu button, with its single (if awkward to press) button at the front bottom, while the kindle has no menu button. I am constantly accidentally tapping too close to the top of the page which brings up the menu. I have long fingers!
The kindle also has a super tiny charging port, making it impossible to plug it in in the middle of the night whilst reading. You have to get up and turn on the lights.

So the nook wins the “less-annoying-to-use” category, but ultimately I’m going to have to say the kindle is better. There are three reasons for this:

1. The kindle has a built-in dictionary. Click and hold on any word and the definition pops up. No internet required. I LOVE this feature. I am constantly writing down new words that I mean to look up later but then forget. No more with the kindle.

2. The zero-power screensaver. When one first opens the Kindle box, you think there’s a film over the screen, because there’s a beautiful sepia-toned picture. Then the picture changes and you’re like ‘Holy crap, this thing is on! Do they ship them all powered on? Does the battery really last months and months?’ But no, its a zero-power screen saver. I don’t know how a screen saver can consume zero battery power. It seems like a defiance of physics. Yet that’s what the Kindle claims to use.

3. The screen feels like paper. Yup, thats right, they made a touch-screen that feels like paper. I close my eyes and cannot tell the difference. When the virtual pages turn with a tiny hiss of sound, I close my eyes and imagine I smell fresh ink on new paper. Or maybe I’m just smelling my new Kindle. Yeah! Kindle rocks! I already bought a couple books (They are all half price what you would find on the shelves.) and, to any soccer player, I recommend the book ‘Soccer IQ’.

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