How to sound authoritative

I started my soccer book. I wrote an outline and tried to go point by point but in the end just rambled. Its up to 8,700 words. I’m having a crisis of respectability. I keep trying to explain my statements and using analogies and anecdotes from coaching, and I invariably mention kids… it sounds like my advice only applies to coaching kids. I have no professional coaching or playing experience. Where are my credentials? Why should anyone take what I’m saying seriously? The more I try to convince my reader of my opinions, the more frantic I come across. Some of my statements directly criticize textbooks that are considered “The” standard in soccer coaching. I genuinely think some of what is taught is wrong, and years of experience and observation confirm this – but how to convince my readers? How to give my writings an aura of respectability? I fear this will be an impossible task.

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