I need an agent!

I need to find an agent!  This book writing thing keeps getting more and more complicated.



Here’s my query letter.  What do you think?


My proposed book is a non-fiction, self-help or reference book intended for the average soccer player or coach. It will consist of short, easily digestible lessons written in second person with the occasional light-hearted anecdote, which is the style of the book Soccer IQ. Soccer IQ was, according to the author, the number five best-selling book on Amazon.com (I don’t know how to verify book sales numbers). But whereas Soccer IQ was short and unorganized, my book will be more comprehensive and organized by topic. My working title is Winning Soccer.I’m aiming for 70,000 words.

My book is aimed at the average player or coach, meaning the non-professional adult player or youth coach. Apart from Soccer IQ, I cannot find any other books that fall into this category. Most soccer books seem to be either for the complete beginner, or are fan-based, meaning they focus on a particular team or professional athlete. I’m hoping to fill a much-needed gap.

My book might also serve as a textbook for soccer camps or soccer licensing clinics. It would need diagrams and references, but the material is there. Currently the book used in U.S. Youth Soccer federation licensing/certification courses (which everyone is forced to buy) is a Dutch-written book titled coaching soccer, which for whatever reason is so disorganized, inane and at times just plain wrong as to be unreadable and at times incomprehensible. I’m certain my book will be better than Coaching Soccer.

In America, the sport of soccer is growing rapidly and will someday reach the level of enthusiasm and professionalism as the rest of the world. Right now it’s in its infancy. This may be over-ambitious, but I see no reason why my book couldn’t be “the” definitive book for coaching and learning soccer in America.


Thank you for your consideration,

John Dax Ktejik

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