USSoccer D license feedback

As for your main points, I thought I did them, but I guess I did them wrong. Do you think you could be more specific?

By soccer gear I assume you mean shinguards and socks? I didn’t know I needed to wear them, sorry, I will wear them next time. You wore khacki cargo shorts. Wear soccer gear as a coach. You don’t need shinguards but you do need look like a coach and not a parent
What wasn’t specific enough? How I can get more specific than escorting a player to the correct spot and demonstrating what they should do? You moved players and said cover, balance, support. You never showed them the angle to defend, discussed the amount of pressure, where the cover was or angle to move them and why based on the attacking players. You just repeated 1st defender, cover, and balance through the session and asked them who they are without any technical points.
The final freeze – I know that was on the attacking half, but the other team never got control of the ball near the back four. I kept waiting and it never happened so I worked with what I had. What should I have done differently? Keep waiting? (If I did that I picture you saying something like ‘find the freeze quicker’ or ‘everyone plays defense, even the forwards’ 🙁 ) You need to be patient and stay on topic. Your topic was defending zonally so it needed to be in the defensive third with the defensive line.
Could you explain what you mean by ‘what angle to defend’, please? It could mean several things and I’m not sure how it applies to keeping players in a line/shape. Yes, this is why we asked you to attend the E license course so you would understand the basic concepts that are in the coaching buzz words with a better technical understanding. Angle to defend means which way you are pushing the attacker to go. Are you pushing them to the inside or the outside, right/left, is it a bent run so your teammates know where to cover and balance, is the cover player giving the first defender communication to angle the defense to certain side based on team shape or where the help is. The amount of pressure is it to contain or win the ball, compact as a team. Angle of coverage as the defensive line in the zone, moving as a unit
Same for ‘which way to defend as a unit’. Is this different than teaching pressure, cover, balance, or trying to get them to stay in a line? There is spacing between the line based on the amount of pressure on the ball and where the ball is for the defensive line. If the ball is in the middle, who applies pressure to the ball and what does the rest of the line do to keep shape and be compact. Who steps to the ball on the outside and what angle are they pressuring the player? How does everyone else on the line move to cover and support. Who do they cover? It depends on the position of the attacking team and the situation in the game. You never adjusted based on the attacking team just said “pressure, cover, balance” and moved players to spots but did not discuss where to cover with the attacking player, how close, how to see the ball and the attacker for balance.
5 W’s I’m pretty sure my coaching points answered most ‘W’ questions. Did I need more? Did I do it the wrong way? Was I supposed to be more explicit somehow, maybe ask the question myself, or quiz them?

I’m not trying to give you a hard time. Really, I don’t know what you’re looking for and any specifics you can give me is appreciated else I will end up making the same mistakes. Yes, we recognized this when you attended the D with Rick Ceh and myself. We have asked you to attend the E course because we believed you did not receive the information or did not completely understand it.

Rick Flores will attend the next session with you. Please choose another topic and send the lesson plan to him prior to the coaching session.

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