compact gishwhes list 2017

1 massive beach portrait
2 do younger talent
3 pancake art
4 recycled wedding dress
5 wood nymph flute in elevator
6 shadow puppet birth
7 grandparent stories
8 alien specimens
9 THAT in jello
10 Renaisaance painting pizza
11 Ghosts shopping in real ghost town
12 poem and shrine to lost pet
13 Child drawing happiness
14 pastries to firemen
15 groucho marx a piece of fruit
16 parents reminicence age 10
17 spice comic/cartoon
18 gishwhes blankets to immigrant
19 pet food portrait
20 Toy story
21 spectral olympics
22 “mythical beast, climate change”
23 moon fairies
24 raspberry beret
25 wombat poop house
26 romeo and juliet socks
27 find someone from 10 smallest countries
28 fingerpaint complex mural
29 winter activity in summer
30 visit pet shelter with friend
32 bakery donate to women’s shelter
33 tickle armpit hair of airplane
34 shave gishwhes onto body
35 flowers to religion
36 creative book mixup
37 stormtrooper in new job
38 recreate celebrity picture
39 garbage cabbage patch kid
40 full church choir sing Carry on My Wayward Son while wearing dental cheek retractors.
41 personal “Stairway to Heaven”
42 “summer wet, wild and messy activity”
43 bake non-edible shape
44 slow insect race
45 bikers in bouncy castle
46 masterpiece of collard greens
47 large-scale structure of hope
48 farm animals watching sunset
49 protest obscure issue
50 cream-filled balloon volleyball
51 sign and large military craft
52 paint a leader on bare back
53 say it with cake
54 Tweet approval for first nuclear strike US law
55 Castiel kite with a child
56 Hammock Self-Containment Unit
57 mermaid dance at a Sea Organ
58 recreate Zombie vs. Vampire War
59 sign at legislative building
60 balloon obstacle course
61 carpool kareoke with a harlem globtrotter
62 bee planting bee-friendly plant
63 paper airplane from stratosphere
64 Quilt a gishwhes onesie out of underwear
65 SuperWhoWatch chalk art
66 Personify your favorite movie title
67 Banana Bikini or Briefs
68 gishwhes banana bread
69 Tell your parents something bad that you did as a child
70 “Cook a delicious omelet using just a magnifying glass, a hot sidewalk, and the sun”
72 underwater board meeting
73 put decorated envelopes of change in laundromat
74 alien shopping cart
75 break a rule
76 caveperson glass-blowing
77 embody your team name
78 video games with pediatric child
79 SPN-themed Rube-Goldberg machine
80 shame yourself on aired footage
81 multitask on panorama
82 cover yourself in maple syrup and maple leaves.
83 vegetable and spaghetti fireworks
84 reenact childs book
85 Largest Awesome Balloon Sculpture
86 evil unicorn (may use photoshop!)
87 dress as bear in school
88 Mannequin-pin Bowling
89 lipstick on a trampoline
90 “Dressed as a chicken, offer to help people cross a busy street.”
91 Leave a Yelp review of gishwhes
92 Human NASCAR
93 elected official’s declaring gishwhes an act of lawful resistance
94 Camouflage yourself in a pet store
95 Make computer generated recipie
96 cooking tiny hamburgers & hot dogs on dental grill
97 “Gereja Ayam, indonesia”
98 puppet Trump controlled by a Putin
99 make and find a letterbox
100 “Muse in london, UK”
101 Create a gishwhes ad
102 poll 400 people on how they brush
103 place markers around the world that tell a story
104 diametrically party-opposed legislative co-wearing a Shirt.
105 decorated give-away calendar
106 “lumbasumba dance with REAL monkey, a parrot, or a camel”
107 GPS spell out message of hope
108 The chickens have come home to Proust.
109 Wonder Woman being “Superman-splained”
110 transylvanian gnu art
111 “toilet paper roses in Foshan, China.”
112 “ballet troupe in tutus, engaged in a bar brawl”
113 Maximum Security Birdhouse in park
114 Airbnb review of your mother’s womb as an “extended stay hotel
115 Seraut into an elaborate dot-to-dot image.
116 5 Star Wars characters competing in the Kessel Run in a shopping mall.
117 Dean Winchester driving a pedi-cab or quadricycle with Castiel & Sam
118 drone administering a catholic rite
119 Trump l’oeil.
120 sofa bed derby
121 tiny elf nightclub in busy area
122 Make a portrait of one of The Rolling Stones out of moss.
123 5 people chalk art at art museum
124 Hand-paint small rocks with a message of kindness
125 pixie sticks and sand buddhist symbol
126 find specific golf ball in canyon at britannia beach
127 “tricks on a BMX bike, in nun habit”
128 get gishwhes mascot on official iPhone emoji list.
129 create a “take what you need” public pantry
130 A tactometer used to measure tact.
131 Make a collage that features things only locals from your town would know about.
132 “couch surfing: real surfing, real couch”
133 sculpture of an endangered animal from trash
134 animal-infused yoga
135 Freeze frame your life with credits
136 adopt a chupacabra
137 70 year old joyride in old car with costumes
138 Show us you taking a step to overcome one of your own prejudices.
139 team knit or crochet one piece of a quilted throw
140 complex drum geometry
141 “iger & Turtle in Duisburg, Germany”
142 Fortune 2000 CEO in the lobby of his company’s headquarters on horse
143 peacenik Stormtroopers (may photoshop)
144 “chocalho, an apito, a reco-reco, and a pandeiro concert”
145 giant sized tiddlywinks
146 monster moms at Hoxton’s Monster Supplies in England.
147 “gishwhes mascot in ghent, belgium”
148 “Dress up as a superhero, budapest, hungary”
149 ice sculpture of Trudeau
150 Make and display a convincing UFO in a public place in Ireland
151 “Tashirojima, Japan, dressed as a dog”
152 decorate exterior of your home
153 wind-powered toothbrush
154 dress up as aliens in Slovakia
155 famous scupture from 1 tampon
156 archaeological finds that prove Her Majesties love
157 Tweet voyager 1
158 photoshop fun emoticons into facebook
159 longest poem about a virus
160 dress as alien in assisted living facility
161 recreate a David LaChappelle.
162 Lube luge.
163 an aquarium hat with live fish
164 zillow listing for property on Mars.
165 bored in bookstore
166 Follow a tomato back in time
167 suck 5 scoops from bottom of ice cream cone
168 Have your social media page printed on microfiche
169 write Ass butt on an Ass’s ass.
170 angel typing angelic alphabet
171 7 year old stump grinding a unicorn
172 ideal gishwhes Item List
173 complete one of these ideal items
174 An Airbnb listing for the gishbus.
175 Wild West teacup and saucer holsters.
176 TLC in Sydney or Melbourne
177 “Scottish terrier, kilt, scotch egg, Irish monument.”
178 time traveling costumes in Prague
179 audio dream diary
180 a silent film actress doing hip hop
181 “2,000 word essay on twitter about getting pregnant”
182 photoshop anacronism into painting
184 atmospheric water generator
185 be tree huggers
186 Build an edible spacecraft
188 Show us your best nose art
189 The World’s Worst Lawyer.
190 orange peels cocktail dress
191 5 miles of signs to orange juice stand
192 slow speed work
193 ZEROS ARE NOT ZEROS at math dept
194 “50 mile gps drawing of mascot, pineapples”
195 steel shred a decommissioned bus.
196 many random acts of kindness to Giles Duley
197 little known music technique
198 change a life!

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