Review of ‘Sex and God at Yale’

Just finished reading ‘Sex and God at Yale’. Did you know Yale has a ‘sex week’? Although people said the same thing about my college and I never saw it.

The book is well written. You can see why the guy got a perfect verbal score on his SATs. It keeps describing in detail all the stuff that goes on in Sex Week with tounge-in-cheek sarcasm. Words like denigrating, puerile, and evil were bandied about.

I had mixed feelings. The stuff he described, like naked parties (apparently they take them very seriously), felt wrong but I couldn’t define why. So I tried to find a logical argument for my feelings, and it should have been easy considering I was reading a well-written book arguing that exact issue, but I couldn’t.

The author’s main argument is that sex week is degrading to women – but what about men? Why is porn demeaning the dignity of women but not men? And how is it degrading? What is dignity, that it is so easily lost? The whole book felt hypocritical, especially since he was criticizing all these ‘educational’ classes so he could write a book, and hence ‘educate’ us.

Anyways. Good book, funny without meaning to be, irreverent yet moral, slightly preachy, good descriptions of Yale and the ‘old-school’ east-coast British style education, and makes me content not to attend an Ivy League college. Not, anyway, for academic reasons.

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