‘the case against Barack Obama’ review

Just finished reading ‘the case against Barack Obama’. Has anyone else seen the giant billboard in Milwaukee saying ‘Obama has ruined this country for 220 days – don’t let him ruin it for another 220’? Hysterical facebook comments are one thing, but when the hysteria is in 10-foot high letters overlooking the busiest intersection in Milwaukee – that’s something completely different. So I went to the library to find out what Obama has ‘ruined’.

There is, as there is for every president, a voluminous amount of writings in the library, either praising the president or denouncing him. I picked ‘the case against Barack Obama’ because it seemed the least hysterical, the most reputable, of all the books whose cover I perused. It claimed to use facts and references and to not be the half-assed slander that is most books. Yet it still was half-assed slander.

These books seem to lack Critical Thinking skills. It was full of interpretations and, well, hysterical, comments like ‘The truth doesn’t matter to Mr. Obama’. A specific example: it spent a whole chapter arguing that because Obama abstained (Voted neither Yes nor No) on a bill that tried to defined exactly when a Homo Sapiens becomes a human being with all the rights of the Constitution, he is therefore pro-abortion. Whether he is or isn’t isn’t the point. It’s the logical fallacy used to prove the argument. The book is full of this sort of stuff.

Another example: he voiced his opinion for ‘Immediate Withdrawal’ from Iraq. Yet as President, he did not order an Immediate Withdrawal – therefore he is a hypocrite. That’s saying, if you give me the choice between a red shirt and a blue shirt, and I say I prefer the red, then later go out and buy a purple shirt, I am a Hypocrite. If this is the best people have against Obama… *shakes head sadly*

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